Frequent Question

What material are made Tek Diver figures Miniatures?
The Tech model. The body is made of metal alloy. Tanks and wing are made of polyurethane resin.
Tech model wetsuit, Rec and Sidemount model are made of metal alloy.
The hoses are made of flexible material to give greater realism.
The Scooter / DPV is made of polyurethane resin.
All parts are assembled and hand-painted

Take the base included?
Yes, all the figures carry a base and a rod  for exhibition.

The Scooter / DPV is sent separate?
Yes, the figures with Scooter / DPV accesory are shipped with this piece unglued so that the customer can put the right hand or accessory. It is recommended to put a very small amount of glue in the union so that it can be taken off.

These figures are a toy?
No. are decorative figures and misuse can cause damage and / or deterioration. Some parts are glued and should not be forced or hit.

These figures can be introduced into an aquarium?
At first they are prepared to get wet but a prolonged stay in the water could weaken some parts that have been glued.

Where the figures are made?
Made in Spain

The delivery time?
It depends on the customer’s country of origin. The only shipments are guaranteed date of delivery by courier shipments that usually take 1 to 3 days depending on the country. In any case, both free postal certified mail and international express mail works very well. We have never lost a shipment