Diver with rebreather configuration, dry suit in red color, argon tank, canister and lamp and bail out tank.
Diver´s body , wing and canister are made of resin. Tanks are made of solid metal. Flexible rubber hoses.
Assembled and painted by hand.
Each piece is unique and may hace slight variations from others.
Dimensions(whithout DPV): 12 cm x 5 cm x 3.5 cm.
Methacrylate base included.
Accessories: DPV

In stock

Bail Out Tanks

Stage Deco

Side extra Bail Out tank

Only mark in case of selecting extra Bail Out tank

Bail Out stickers (included)

Bail Out stickers (extra)

Just fill in case of seleccting extra Bail Out tank


DPV stickers

Stickers on both sides of DPV (Just fill in case of seleccting SUEX DPV)

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